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The Servant King: A Triumphal Entry, Luke 19.28-40

The Servant King: A Triumphal Entry, Luke 19.28-40, April 10, 2022, Palm Sunday Theme: Servant-Leader

It must have been a beautiful Spring Day the first Palm Sunday. Of course, the name of that special event had yet to be labeled. On that day, no one, except perhaps Jesus was aware of how significant it would be to Christians today.

Jerusalem was full of people – people from all over the known world. People who had come to celebrate Passover were from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Passover was/is an ancient festival. Even today celebrants from the entire world make pilgrimage to the streets of Jerusalem – the city of peace – to remember the liberation of the Israelites from 400 years of slavery in ancient Egypt.

On that first Palm Sunday, Jesus marched up the market street leading to the Holy Temple while people praised him as the king and liberator of the Jews. He processed up the same street which King David marched after his many victories.

No one except Jesus knew, he was the liberator of all humanity – not just the Israelites who found themselves crushed under the might of the Roman Empire.

Who Knew?

Who knew such a significant event was occurring, led by a man riding on a donkey?

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